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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Uzi 21 October 2018 | Posted in

Guns have become an important part of different cultures. It has become a symbol of technological advancements and at the same time of safety. One of the weapons that specifically have been interesting to many people is the Uzi. This gun is actually a very powerful tool for defense purposes. People can also actually assemble their own uzi because the parts that are made for these guns are available everywhere. It’s accessible and very powerful. Learn more about kwc on this site.

Facts about the Uzi

It’s not only enough to know about the amazing features of the Uzi. People should also know some of these interesting details about the weapon. This is so they can know more about the development of the present day Uzi.

  1. The name ‘uzi’ that people pertain to as the weapon is actually from the name of its developer. Uziel Gal was actually the one who invented and developed the modern-day uzi. He was an Israeli captain who joined an international weapons design competition. Shortly, the device was named after him despite his request not for it to happen.
  2. When mass production came, the first products fired at a rate of 600 rounds per minute. These bullets were actually 9mm caliber bullets.
  3. Quite distant from the modern-day units, the first few models of the Uzi were actually made with wooden stock. Several modifications were added and changes from the original design which led to how the weapon looks like now.
  4. Israel Military Industries (IMI) used to be the manufacturer of Uzi weapons. It was only until 2005 when the Israeli government privatized the creation of smaller weapons. They named the company into Israel Weapon Industries.
  5. There was a time that the Uzi was considered the most sought-after weapon in the world. Almost all law reinforcement agency utilized this kind of weapon especially in their special tasks.